A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

A picture is worth a thousand words, and honestly, this really sums up the last three days.


I felt that drawing you guys a picture would be far more impactive than simply explaining the frustration I have felt over trying to get an almost-two-year-old to walk more than five steps without a) crumpling into a heap, or b) (as above) stomping up and down screaming like his life is ending. Even better is having your perfectly well behaved almost 4-year-old decide that throwing handfuls of gravel at you because he wasn’t allowed to throw gravel, followed by an impotent timeout, followed by the necessity of going straight home, followed by said child kicking you in the shins, followed by the rather unsurprising amount of screaming (something to do with wanting to stay). You know what I told him? Only well-behaved children get wants. His reply? Louder screaming. I don’t think he liked my response.

I am sticking firm to the lack of buggy, but some days, like today, I’m really thinking it would have been less irritation on my part to have kept it. That being said, I am more stubborn than my child(ren), ergo I will win, and he will walk. (Also… he looks like a marshmallow in his snowsuit in real life too.)

Good night!

The Handler.


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