Awesome Newses

Oh man. It’s been so long since I’ve put thought to virtual paper. I think I’m actually giving myself a brain cramp. So much awesomeness to cram into a single post. Difficult to… Think. Must… keep typing.

Ok. I’m past it. We’re good.

Awesome news #1: I’m officially cleared to be off of my antidepressants! Yay! Happy dances galore!

Awesome news #2: That means I’m far more awake! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still definitely groggy in the morning, but as a result of no longer taking a drowsiness-inducing happy pill, I can now take one less wake-me-up pill! Goshdarnit, Pills are irritating. And confusing. But that’s beside the point.

Awesome news #3: I’m up to between 8 and 10k for my marathon training! Yes!!

Awesome news #4: I am no longer a mother of ANY children under 2! Littlest’s birthday was just about 2 weeks ago, and his attitude turned 2 the same time he did.

Awesome news #5: My new business is coming along nicely. I have been an Arbonne lady since the beginning of January, and I’m loving it! I’m loving it even more because I feel like for once, I’m actually applying my adult brain (not Mommy brain, that takes a whole other level of effort) to something and seeing results. Yay!

Awesome news #6: As a result of joining Arbonne, I have confirmed my love of both the study of Marketing and the study of Economics, and will be pursuing them once my husband is done with his degree. I think it’s going to be an amazing opportunity to have some first-hand views on what this particular company is doing to get themselves out there and to the right demographics.

Awesome news #7: As a result of Arbonne’s ABC baby lotion, Littlest may actually be growing some hair on the top of his head. Also, I may or may not have snuck some for myself when no one was looking.

Awesome news #8: In regards to my athletic training, I will be doing the MS walk in my neighbourhood this year, and, since my brain is actually functioning on a somewhat decent level, I decided to combine my fundraising with my Arbonning and will be donating $10 for every order I put in during the month of March. Double duty people.

Awesome news #9? I meant that question mark, in case you were wondering. I am freakin’ busy. Who knew? Between daycare and swimming lessons, and Arbonne, and my lovely tea job, I’m polar opposite from where I was a year ago. (Baking bread in my pajamas three times a week). Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I feel really great about where I’m going at the moment.

Awesome news #10? Question mark also meant. I’m officially off of coffee in the morning. I’ll still have some later on in the day, but I found that with the longer distance running and everything else, I needed to replace it with something else. (Coffee takes the place of breakfast and is really dehydrating). I ended up choosing tea (duh… working at a tea store… logical choice…). My tin reads, and I quote: “Mommy’s Eyelid-Stabilizing, Degrumping, Patience Inducing Wakey Wakey Brew”. It’s delicious. Also, it goes really nicely in my new teapot. See? And just for craps and giggles, I’ll throw in a picture of the minions too.

Aaaa my babies! Littlest is a ham, and Biggest managed to smile (sort of) only because he likes the camera, because I interrupted his Magic School Bus show.

003 004

Oh right.. the teapot and teacups. I got sidetracked, sorry.


One last thing. I’ve been so watery the last couple of weeks. I didn’t get waterworks over a movie when I was pregnant, but maybe it’s because Littlest turned 2, or maybe it’s because Biggest  had his first swimming lesson the other day and it was without me… but I’ve been holding back tears over the randomest of things. And not bad tears like “the world is falling apart”, good tears like “that’s so amazing” tears. Little two-month-old baby girl in the store today? My eyes started prickling. The “Are you, are you, coming to the tree?” song in the Hunger Games? Almost gave up and went for a Kleenex, but managed to keep it to blinking. A little baby who won a category in Mommy Shorts’ Baby Oscars that has a little superhero hat and an IV? Puddle. Melty puddle. Thinking about my babies in the next room getting ready for daycare in the morning… I need to go to bed before my husband thinks his wife has been replaced by errant plumbing.

Nighty night! (Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks that song is hauntingly beautiful and worth shedding a few glistening tear drops for?)

The Handler.



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