I’ve Had It! And Other Mother Troubles

I realize that despite my Facebook page being 100% convinced that it would bear an update a Tuesday and a half ago… it is now the following, following Saturday? But… better late than never!

I have had it! Err..

I mean…

Nope, definitely had it!

As a result of the various insanities that my children have inflicted on me, they are now the proud owners of their own rooms. I have spent the last two days sorting books, stuffed animals, toys, etc. I have gotten rid of over half of the toys we used to pack around. It’s funny how, no matter how many times you tell people “no toys” or give someone a birthday request of “just clothes please”, you still find yourself swamped in tiny foot-attacking cars, inevitably dry playdoh, and plastic celery. Don’t even get me started on happy meal toys and various cardboard boxes that will somehow break your 4-year-old’s heart if you recycle them (or an all-out tantrum from your 2-year-old). Let’s not discount the books either. So many partially destroyed cardboard number books.

Anyway, all-in-all, too much stuff, not enough room. And amazingly enough, they weren’t upset. They were polite, kind and co-operative. Which leads me to think that perhaps I should have done this sooner, and perhaps I wouldn’t have spent the last two weeks curled up in the corner trying to make it til bedtime. And with that unfortunately short but accurate update on the state of the gnomes, I am going to enjoy an extremely quiet evening, check on my children in their separate rooms, and go to bed.

A short goodnight from a tired Handler.


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