Progress Goes ________

A) Boink.

B) Not Boink?

C) Crazy!

D) Well…

E) All of the above.

And the winner is…. All of the above!

I, after several months of thinking about how busy I am, and after trying to put at least some effort into all of my many activities, have decided that the time has come to cut one. I am thankful in a way, because it’s not truly going boink, it’s more just going nearly boink. In other words, it’s going on the sideline until I find an opportunity to take it up again.

Progress Goes Boink.

My husband and I have been trying to get ready for potty training Littlest, and abruptly out of nowhere, I put Littlest on the potty after his nap this morning, and he peed. Just like that.

Progress Goes Not Boink?

After however many months of trying to find that extra few minutes with the kids in the morning, it randomly occurred to me the other day that I could take my meds early and go back to bed instead of having to wake up early and try to stay awake while they were taking affect. This has produced the highly desirable result of being something other than a zombie when the kids come and get me in the morning. In fact, I woke up before they did this morning and I was totally ready to be up.

Progress Goes Crazy!

And finally, I am almost back to my previous running distance. Unbeknownst to myself, when I was training for my 10K earlier this year, all the stuff I was taking for a flu was actually doing my asthma a world of good. Now that I’m back to taking care of my lungs, my distance has improved significantly.

Progress Goes Well.

And with that, I have to go get ready for the gym.


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