If I Only Had A Clone

This is the post where I weep and wail and gnash my teeth for lack of a clone. Admittedly, I have a twin that I am over-the-moon fond of, however, much as I try, she simply won’t listen to my bidding. So, I am still shy of some extra body power. I simply have too much on my plate, and sadly, I am overly attached to all of it. The following is my ode to replication.

If I only had a clone, I could assign it my training sessions.

But then, how would my own legs learn their lessons?

No clone. I would do my own running.

If I only had a clone, I could have it make breakfast for the boys.

But then, I wouldn’t hear them laugh over their toys.

I might enjoy the quietness without whining…

But I wouldn’t hear their excitement over the sun shining.

No clone. I would cook my own breakfast.

If I only had a clone, I could send it to dance class.

But then, could I really say that I pass?

Furthermore, I would have no bruises or scrapes.

But I also wouldn’t have the pride of completing aerial escapes.

No clone. I would do my own pole dancing.

If I had a clone, it could work for me.

But it would be disappointing not to share my love of tea.

And since my time is mindful now,

My newfound patience is an exciting wow.

No clone. I’ll work my own job.

If I had a clone, my husband would have more company.

But the merits of hearing him chatter number in the many.

It might be hard to follow man-thought on occasion…

But if I listen hard enough, I think he mentioned a vacation.

And in between deciphering anime,

I see he’s romantic in a housekeeping way.

Laundry’s done, socks folded too?

That means it’s snuggle time. Wahoo!

No clone. My sir’s too interesting.

If I had a clone, I could be with both of my “Ests”.

But then I wouldn’t hear the fights over who gets to be closest.

And really, how would I know?

Biggest likes the Busy Town show.

And also, I couldn’t say

Littlest likes to poop and run away.

And while it’s annoying to work out ways to share,

It’s always funny to watch how excited Littlest gets over climbing into his mealtime chair.

On the same note, when Biggest wakes up,

He’s ever so careful to be gentle until I have my coffee cup.

Admittedly, someone else could deal

With the two of them complaining that the other’s got the better set of wheels,

But they’d also see the times that Biggest teaches Littlest how to say big words over meals.

No clone. My boys are much too fascinating.

Well, so much for that idea. Replication is simply too complicated (think of all the cells). To top it off, it’s seems pretty clear that I, while busy, am just going to have to go to bed a little later, and maybe get up a touch early. Clearly I wouldn’t want to miss out on any of that! Also, speaking of clones, my sort-of-clone-who-never-does-my-bidding has sent me a ticket to visit her for two full nights, and I cannot wait to see her! And with that, I’m going to start on my go-to-bed-a-little-later, and sign off so I can play a couple rounds of Wordament before I fall asleep. Cheers!

The Handler.


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