Up To Date.

Ever have that thing you keep meaning to do and never get around to, but it bugs you and bugs you until you remember to do it? Yeah. That’s this post. So.

Littlest set off the fire alarm for our whole apartment complex. Turns out he’s really good with caps. The cap I’m referring to is the one on our heater. (We have water heating, because our building is older.) If any of you don’t know how hot water heat works, it’s got a little tiny valve on one end of the pipe in each heater that allows pressure to escape. Amazingly enough, my two year old figured out that if you unscrew it, and push on the top, water comes out of it. During one naptime, he decided that instead of sleeping, he’d play around with the water in the pipe, very quietly. That is, until the fire alarm started ringing, and he was yanked out of his room and hustled outside. Thankfully, the fire alarm lead had shorted out because of a leak, so everything was fine. Cue my husband coming in to check on him once he was back in his nap, and finding our son soaked and playing with the valve again. Guess what? During the short nap he had before the alarm went, Littlest managed to pull enough water out of the pipe for it to leak down to the first floor apartment and short out the alarm lead. I kid you not. Luckily, the building manager is only charging us for the plumber’s time and not for the fire crew as well.

That’s probably the most interesting thing that’s happened lately, but in other news…

Biggest is starting his bossy phase. It’s super frustrating. Not only because he mimics everything I say to Littlest, but also because sometimes it sounds really awful and I subsequently feel awful for saying it in the first place.

Our new daycare is working out wonderfully. It is, however, quite the adjustment to go two days in a row instead of separated days.

We finally got our new couch. It took 3 months to pay off, because, lets face it, we are definitely not rich. But, it’s here! Getting it in our apartment was pretty hilarious though. Not only did it almost not fit (took half an hour to get it in our door and down our skinny little hallway), but I had to argue with the driver to take away our old one like they promised. Once he called his boss, and I reminded his boss about what he’d promised, AND refused to give his driver cash for the dump fee, they took it away. Furthermore, as they were taking it out, I realized that they’d brought our couch in a minivan. Not a cube van, a soccer-mom-take-the-team-everywhere van. I’m amazed they fit it in there in the first place. Also, met our neighbour’s brother, because he was a huge help in getting the couch through the door. ALSO, the couch is quite comfortable.

I splurged this semester and purchased myself a $200 pair of boots. They’re real leather and outside of my running shoes, they’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned.

OH! Also, finally, after almost 4 years, my husband and I are now the owners of two Samsung Galaxy S4’s. That’s right, I’m in the cell phone zone! Much to my (sort-of) dismay, I’m enjoying texting. Maybe a little too much. But anyways…

Finally, I’m up to 4 training sessions a week for my marathon distance, and I’m including an additional pole fitness class for strength training. Honestly, I had no idea it took so much strength to be able to spin around on a pole. I think it gets a bad rap, to be honest. It’s super fun, but it actually is quite a beating. Friction burn anyone? Also, my friend and I are about to start an intermediate class, and she was showing me a couple of conditioning exercises. They’re BRUTAL.  Think upside down push ups, Think split stretches. Think using only your thighs to sit on a pole. Think using your knees to climb nine feet. All while wearing only a sports bra and glorified bikini bottoms (which, surprisingly, have more coverage than real ones). At the same time, while all that really is brutal (I gave myself a loonie sized blister yesterday), it is one of the most thrilling things I’ve ever experienced to get a move, and have it look graceful. Also, it feels eerily similar to when I was playing on the monkey bars 15 years ago. This is what pole dancing REALLY is. If you care to be enlightened.

And with that, we’re up to date!! Wahoo! I’m gonna go do my split stretches now.

The Handler.


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