On A Scale of 1 – Bad…

You know that moment when you realize you should have done something differently about 5 seconds AFTER you’ve already done it? Totally just happened. Littlest woke up, and I figured, since he was wearing a pull-up to bed, that perhaps he needed a change. Only… I kinda forgot, since it’s close to my bedtime, that there are little rip tabs on those things for just such a purpose. How did I end up taking it off, you ask? Like underwear. Only… he didn’t pee. He pooped. Everywhere. Super yucky. Also, since those things don’t really come off that well in that manner… everything in the pull-up kinda ended up out of the pull-up. On my carpet. Yep. That really happened. Thank heavens for antibacterial spray cleaner. Seriously though, what was I thinking? I mean.. really.

1) Pull-up to bed was a bad idea. (1 point of bad.)

2) Not checking for poop before opening said pull-up was a bad idea. (1 point of bad.)

3)Β In my defense, it was totally odorless until it ended up on the carpet. (no points of bad, more like a side note of bad.)

4) Not using rip tabs is worth at least two separate points of bad. (2 points of bad.)

5) Staring in horror at the slowly melting slab of molten poop oozing on to my carpet was a bad idea. (1 point of bad.)

6) Taking a slow-motion 30 seconds to realize that the pull-up was inside out (thereby making molten oozing poop worse) was really a bad idea. (1.5 points of bad.)

7) Folding it up poorly as a result of the horror I was experiencing was also a bad idea. (1.5 points of bad.)

8) Using a wipe to pick up pieces off the carpet and subsequently smearing it instead is probably worthy of extra points of bad. (2 points of bad.)…….

Leading to a whopping score of 10 points of bad.

On a scale of 1 – Bad, that’s past bad.

The only redeeming factor is remembering the antibacterial cleaner in my cupboard and realizing I still had enough paper towels to soak it all up. Also, an incident with Biggest leading to poop in my mouth may have been worse (Projectile shart during a diaper change whilst I was attempting to talk on the phone… Also somewhat of a bad idea…). So there’s that too, I guess. BUT NO MATTER! This was bad. Bad bad.

And now I’m going to bed. There’s nothing left to do. I have officially done today in.

Good night!

The Handler.


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