Me tired.

Oh right. You would probably like to read more than that.

Me extra tired.

Ok. Fine. I’ll be nice.

Me… nevermind. This week was mental. I worked through my usual days off as a result of extenuating circumstances. It felt pretty cool to be entrusted with keeping everything organized while my boss peoples were away. During this week, however, I also dealt with two cases of a mild head cold. And some whining. Err… A lot of whining. My mother graciously braved three days in a row of my two creatures, so that kept my heart at rest.

Other points of interest include:

Forgetting my lunch twice.

Three days of espresso in a row after 3 months of almost no coffee. (Talk about a buzz!)

Shopping with my sister for new clothes.

Helping my husband with an assignment, which subsequently made me really itchy for a class or two.

Remembering that I already have various classes, including pole.

Doing some pole move (I wanna say “Fang Down”) that required me to use only my knees and crossed ankles to gracefully let go of the pole and flip myself upside down.

Successfully doing “Fang Down” and almost dropping myself on my head in my excitement.

Doing another pole move called “Triangle Sit” that looked pretty but absolutely-not-under-no-circumstances-in-any-case did it feel pretty. Think hanging on with a special way of crossing your legs, and putting all your weight on an ankle and opposite “knee pit”. (Betcha didn’t know you had a knee pit!). The amount of elation at being able to take my hands off the pole for a nano-second is almost pitiful. (Would I do it again? Yes.)(I digress.)

Trying to figure out how to haul a turkey home, and bribing my dad with a mocha to do it for me.

Eating way too much pizza.

People, this week has been a blast, but I’m looking forward to the end of it, partly because I get a mini vacation starting on Sunday. And partly because Sunday holds an awful lot of pie. And turkey. And stuffing. (Side note: since when did dry cubes of stale bread get so freakishly expensive?). Happy Thanksgiving to you!

The Handler.


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