Mystery Ingredient Soup.

Ok, I have erased at least five different possible topics for today’s update. And I haven’t liked any of them. So, what do we do with a whole bunch of random topics that don’t do enough by themselves? We make soup! Oops. Well… Blog soup. Mystery Soup, Blog Edition? Sounds uh… delicious right? I mean, that’s what you do with random ingredients from your fridge (brain), isn’t it? Or is that just me…


Mystery Ingredient #1: Wimpy Abs, Tenderized.

I realized the other day that I complain a lot about my lack of abdominal strength, more specifically when I have failed a pole move horrendously, or ran terribly, and feel too miserable about my performance to do anything other than blame it on my core strength. But, much to my dismay, I brought it to my own attention that since fitness seems to be my hobby at the moment, I should probably do something about it. So this morning, I did. I did headstands with my legs in the air, trying to hold  it for as long as possible, and when I couldn’t do that any more, I did a whole bunch of pilates style oddly-engineered stomach crunchies. The only thing I’ll say is that I feel stronger already and sitting here on the bed trying to type is making my formerly-numb abs feel again, and it’s not pretty.

Mystery Ingredient #2: Sniffly Kids, Crabby

Add a rain day, slightly sniffly children, and a tired, cranky mother with no entertainment ideas… and you’ve got a really, really bad day. As Biggest expertly summed it up at bedtime tonight “I was mad that I had to stay home today.” It’s a bit rough going from two days of 23 kids doing tons of activities to a tired Mommy and your own cars. Normally I temper one of my days off with a trip to a friend’s house, but since we were all a little sniffly, we stayed home. The amount of misery in this house was shocking. Biggest screamed in frustration so loud this afternoon that I couldn’t actually understand what he was saying. Littlest pretty much figured that whatever I was saying could wait, if he even bothered to stop it before it went out the other ear. In between those moments, we had an unearthly amount of requests for food. All I can say is three meals before one. Yikes.

Mystery Ingredient #3: Shopping of the Grocery Variety

Had to squeeze this one in today too. Thankfully my husband came home in time for me to leave the screaming whiny children home. Otherwise I might have exploded into mad Mommy bits. That would have been less pretty than how my abs feel (still).(Might have to add some extra protein)(Ouch)

Mystery Ingredient #4: Something Akin to Spices (Random Observations)

Being in the bathtub means the bathroom suddenly becomes popular.

Being grouchy means that the only cup that will do is the water bottle from yesterday, and it is your only hope, even if Mommy doesn’t know where it is.

Cleaning up play food is the worst thing in the world.

Mommy’s coffee time is the perfect time to announce that you, for the next half hour only, are actually interested in peeing in something other than your diaper.

Because Mommy is tired, all crazy buttons will go off. This includes fighting over a chair until it falls over on your brother, and playing with the expressly forbidden (and strictly enforced) power cords.

This concludes our recipe. Add together, stir vigorously, and voila.
Wait for it… it tastes like… Extra Extra Extra Long Day Soup!

The Handler.


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