Mystery Ingredient Soup #2

I find myself once again 3 facts short of a story. (Also 1 marble short of a bag. And perhaps one brick short of a load.) The only solution is another round of Mystery Ingredient Soup.

Mystery Ingredient #1: Lightly Wilted Handler.

I am so tired. I’ve been fighting Germville for a month and a half, and I’m exhausted. On top of the usual craziness, it’s holiday time coming up and I’m now craving Christmas cookies, the kind that can only be home-made. I’m going to be more than lightly wilted if I don’t get some rest! Anyone know how to sit on yourself?

Mystery Ingredient #2: 2 Cups Flu Potion.

My medicine cupboard is beginning to feel like an apothecary. Or maybe an alchemist’s. Or maybe just a mad scientist’s lab. Either way, we’ve got Elderberry, Echinacea, Ginger/Oregano capsules, Vitamin C… And that’s to say nothing of the remedies for after it’s too late. Got a cough? I have something for it! Flu? Got something for that too! Weird twitchy eye plus sinus inflammation? I’m sure I have just the thing. Headache? Actually… nope. I’m out of that stuff. Oh wait! Nevermind, it was behind the Eye of Newt.

Mystery Ingredient #3: A Sprinkling of Dust.

With the yucky weather setting in, the amount of dust in my house is ridiculous. The dust bunnies Biggest found under the freezer yesterday almost ate us alive. The good news though, is that Biggest has discovered the art of sweeping and dusting, and he’s not quite old enough to realize how dreadful dusting and sweeping can really be. I’m super proud of his willingness to help!

Mystery Ingredient #4: A Dash Of Dance and Running.

On Monday, I completed an Allegra variation, and I am totally stoked! This is what the one I did looked like: Allegra! Well, mostly. Kinda hard to be as effortless when you forget to breathe. But that’s beside the point. Also, my marathon training is on track, but we’ve had to move it back inside because our usual running trail is too slippery this time of year. It’s a little disappointing, but my mom and I found the “variety” workout button on the treadmills, and it’s quite amusing. Especially since one of us gets a mountain, and the other gets a bunch of little hills and laughs at the mountain.

Mystery Ingredient #5: 1 Cup Of Holiday Cheer.

My Christmas shopping is done, except for stocking stuffers. It’s a little freaky! I’m glad though, because with how busy everything is right now, if I had to shop on the week before Christmas for anything other than that orange no one eats (you know, the one at the tip of your stocking?), I’d be a basket case.

Mystery Ingredient #6: Garnish With Gratitude.

It’s that time of year when you can see the new year coming in, and you think back on all of the happenings of the past 11 months. I am truly grateful for all of the privileges I have. My husband lets me pursue my dreams, my boys are super helpful (when they’re not fighting/whining), and my head feels more peaceful than it has for years. What’s not to feel fantastic about?


And that, my peoples, is Mystery Ingredient Soup #2. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to put dinner away, and head to bed. My darling husband is murmling about the bed being cold and lonely and we just can’t have that. *yawn*


The Handler.


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