Un-Jittering My Holidays



I was going to tell you all about my holiday jitters this evening but I realized something. Of all the months to be un-jittery, this should be the one. I get agitated this time of year because there are so many expectations put on Christmas and the time we spend together. And often we forget to spend the rest of the year with our families and try to make up for it once December hits.

My Christmas week is fully booked and stacked at least a mile high. I’ve got work (and tea is a huge hit as a last minute stocking stuffer, so it’s BUSY), I’ve got one last pole class before the new year, there’s shopping, my birthday, our “Janumas” with my sister and her husband, our regular Christmas, and our turkey dinner with In-Laws. And I’m not sure that is all of it. I felt a bit like griping, because sometimes planning things with everyone is finicky, and schedules are tricksy.

But then I thought for a little while, as I was typing and retyping. My whole year has been about peace. So why not add this to the list. It’s the end of the year. It’s been a good year. It’s been a wonderfully peaceful year. So I proposed the following to myself.

#1: The whole reason I’m flexible is because often other people aren’t. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if someone else needs a specific time or place. And if I can’t make it somewhere, it just isn’t going to happen. And that’s ok.


#2: Gifts don’t matter. Everyone focuses on stuff, but the reason Christmas is so great is because people are together. Talking and laughing, even if lots of rum is involved.


#3: Money means nothing. If I spend $50 on one person and $20 on another, it doesn’t mean I didn’t do a good job. It means that $50 was thoughtfully spent and so was $20.


#4: Take the time. I thought perhaps this year I might buy some goodies to share instead of taking the time to bake them. But taking the time is more important. Not because it’s healthier, or nicer, or brag-worthy, but because with how busy the holidays are, taking an afternoon to bake Almond Roca is a moment for me to stop and enjoy instead of go-go-go.


#5: Peace is a choice. So many times I feel out of control, and I wonder where my peace has gone. But it’s a choice. Sometimes it’s a hard choice. My peace is taking a step back and realizing that regardless of the situation, even if there’s nothing I can do about it, you can still choose how to handle it. (Well, that and a whole lot of God-versation that I’m sure He shakes his head at.)


And with that, I’m going to bed. Peace to you, amidst the shopping and the parties and conflicting schedules.

Good night.

The Handler.



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