2 Weeks!

First, it’s just under 2 weeks until Christmas! *happy dance*

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I decided to let the kids pick out a couple of gifts for each other. This will be the first year that they can sort of understand the idea, and I’m so excited! I have the fondest memories of picking gifts for other people. My parents would take us separately: one year it would be my dad and I, the next year my sister would go with my dad and my mom would go with me.

Besides the tradition of it, I like the option of experiential learning. We use it all the time at our house, from cleaning up spills to making choices and sticking to them. Sometimes choices give natural consequences, and makes discipline a little easier. But it’s more than that. Experiential learning allows for the option of feeling gratitude rather than being told to feel it. And the joy of making someone else’s day because of something you actually did.

Anyway, Hubby and I, along with Biggest and Littlest, are going to start this tradition next week when we go stocking shopping. I’m looking forward to seeing their choices!

Speaking of choices, I asked the boys what kind of tea they wanted in their stocking. They both enjoy tea to some extent and I’m trying to get them started with the habit of drinking good tea early. What was supposed to be a simple conversation turned into an eye opener.

*Note: Eye Opener translates to me being startled off my duff because they’ve suddenly gone from being little babies to having definitive and differing opinions. It leaves my mental self shaking in its boots.

As it stands, apparently Biggest loves fruity green teas, and Littlest.. well Littlest loves anything. This is kind of how the conversation went.

Me: Ok Biggest, what kind of tea would you like in your stocking? Do you want black or green or strawberry or sweet or…

Biggest: GREEN! Pineapple! Strawberry! Pear! (side note: pear??)(Also he remembers one particular oolong we sampled one day when I went into the store to get my paycheque, and apparently he wants that one too.)

Me: Ok. Littlest?

Littlest: Gween!

Me: *goes through the list again*

Littlest: Christmas!! Strawberry! *mumble mumble mumble*

Me: (I started naming fruits to see if he would pick one in particular.)

Littlest: Cuwwant!

Me: (I was a little surprised that he didn’t pick something more familiar.) Ok. Do you want a surprise one too then? (Since he wasn’t particular like Biggest was. Biggest yelled those fruits out in machine gun precision.)

Littlest: *big grin* surprise!!!


I gathered that Littlest probably didn’t care and would just be excited to get his tea. Biggest shocked me though, since I didn’t think he’d been paying attention to which fruits we’d had and the last time we had pears was about 4 months ago when they were still in season. I guess he liked them. What they don’t know is that they’re both getting little teapots this Christmas too. Our big gifts are normally from the both of us, but Mommy is giving teapots this year since both boys have tried really hard with big mugs. (They’re more like tea-for-ones with a teapot and cup stacked.) Also, this partially means that they can choose which tea they want and I don’t have to fight over my own teapot.

Ahhh motives. That’s really what it comes down to. The cat’s out of the bag. Fine. I admit it. The reason they’re getting teapots is so I can jealously guard my own teapot and its contents. DARNIT! It’s mine! My own! Oooo… better stop there…

The Handler. (2 more weeks til my teapot is MINE again! *evil laugh*)


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