The Last of the Shopping Days

Allright, you people! The pressure is on! Tomorrow marks my last shopping day until Christmas, and while I am trying (and succeeding!) to maintain my peaceful December, I have to admit, I’m starting to freak out a little.*


*This means doing the female happy shopping dance inherit in our DNA.

I have started making a list in my head, but I’ve realized that I have a little more to do than just a couple of things. There’s the gift exchange. There’s the stockings. And the other stockings. There’s the last couple of things for Christmas Day. There’s the turkey to order. We’re out of groceries. And the kiddos are picking out a gift for each other as well. There’s other people to buy for, and I promised a visit to a couple of people with the kiddos in tow.

* Happy Dance*

And the best part? Husband is looking after Biggest and Littlest for part of the morning so I can do some shopping alone.






To bed with me, for shopping awaits!

The Handler.


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