Grammy’s Take, #1

This is a guest post by Grammy, an avid crafter and lover of Christmas! Enjoy!


Hello all! I was sitting on the couch in a meat stupor, looking at the tree and realizing that it was all done for another year. The first two lines of this poem popped in my head and I decided to see where it went. Here goes!


Its at an end,

Christmas is done.

Our wallets are empty,

the shops have won.


My hands are tired,

my eyes all bleary,

sewing to all hours

makes me happy but weary.


The stockings are limp,

new toys, how exciting!

the children overwhelmed

bedtime? oops, not so inviting!



The rum disappeared,

no eggnog is left,

The turkey is now leftovers,

“no chocolate??” I’m bereft!


More turkey? I couldn’t.

More vegetables? I wouldn’t.

More dessert… I shouldn’t!

But, a glass of wine?

Now that will be fine.


So I’m off to bed,

as the day is done.

Merry Christmas to all!

Until the next one.




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