5 Bestest Holiday Memories (And More Importantly, Welcome to 2016)

It’s the last evening of what was loosely termed “holidays” for us. I’m tired. My husband is tired. The boys are tired. I find myself amused by the oxymoron that “holiday” implies for our family. We trade our busy but scheduled life for a hectic unscheduled period of time that is poorly disguised as a break. It goes from collecting ourselves for daycare to trying to keep the ever-busy children occupied in a relatively small apartment with bad weather. Despite my exhaustion and eagerness for the beginning of a new semester, we’ve had a lot of fun moments. And so, without further ado, my five favoritest moments of our holidays. (And in no particular order of importantness…)

#1: Biggest and Littlest discovered classical ballet. They sat through the entire 2-hour film of the Nutcracker. And most of Swan Lake. I’m pretty impressed. Especially since I mistakenly applied stereotypes and assumed they wouldn’t want to watch it because they were boys. Clearly I shouldn’t be assuming… **

**Speaking of stereotypes, the amount of times I’ve been questioned about having a daughter at some point is a little on the outrageous side. I don’t really have a problem being asked, it’s more like I’m continuously shocked that people assume boys are not the children of choice. Personally, aside from the fact that we can’t have more children, I don’t want more children. I always wanted two, and decided long ago that what I got is what I got. Furthermore, I always wanted boys and that’s what I have. I’m really glad, especially since the thought of explaining bras and playing with Barbies is probably my worst nightmare. Rant over.**

#2: Biggest and I went shopping together, just the two of us. I guess it meant a lot to him because we picked out a stuffed turtle as his reward for behaving so well, and he’s extremely attached to it. So much so that we went out for lunch today and he smuggled it in his jacket. I had no idea until he took his coat off. **

**My 2016 goals include doing more of the one-on-one stuff. It’s hard to do with our schedules but they both are really starting to show noticeable interest in individual time and furthermore, they’re starting to really need it.**

#3: We have entered the Lego era! I am beside myself. Both the boys love their sets, and I got Lego too. Well.. Lego Dimensions. Video gaming and building sets all in one. I am ecstatic. I’m just hoping that we’re going to make it a full month before I step on one.**

**I can’t even tell you how epic it was to spend my entire Christmas afternoon building Lego!**

#4: My husband replaced a necklace that I had when I was freshly graduated. It was extremely thoughtful and unexpected. Talk about a romantic gesture!**

**He even managed to have the boys keep it a secret, which is really a big deal.**

#5: We have tea. And by tea I mean that both Biggest and Littlest have their own mini teapots. They are beside themselves. This should make our mornings a tad more fun and I’m hoping it’ll remind me to take a second to enjoy the process. **

**I just have to figure out how to spend the last 5 infuriating minutes getting out the door without being rushed. It seems that if the  boys put their boots on first, they follow me around til I put my boots on, which drives me mental. On the other hand, if I put my boots on first, then they have a bird thinking that they’re not going. I’m hoping that this semester I’ll be organized enough that boots end up on our feet at the same time.**

So there it is. The memorable moments in between the craziness. Not that those are the only fun times, of course. There was all those feasts, after all… Oh and the mound of recycling that threatened to eat our kitchen whole.. (Seriously, we had to beat it back to open the fridge door!)

Anyway, in the hope of being organized, I’m off to bed. I’ve put off sleep long enough.

Goodnight, and welcome to 2016.

The Handler. *yawn*


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