Little Moments that make BIG DEALS.

I am trying to see the little things for what they are: big things. Life is made up of tiny moments, and they are often what keep us (I know it’s not just me!) from running out the door, screaming the whole way. I realize that there are dozens of posts on the great wide interwebz on the subject of enjoying life’s moments. Ad nauseum, in fact. My news feed is filled with random quotes and memes attempting to remind us all of just how fleeting our existence can be. I, however, am NOT talking about those moments today. Instead, I’m talking about the nitty gritty WEIRD moments that actually do keep you going.

Read on, you’ll see what I mean.

A text from my sister at 7am this morning, calling me a random pet name (It can’t go unanswered, because this is an age old debate about who exactly was the first to be called this pet name, and it wasn’t me. My silence is confirmation of her victory, and it was imperative that I answered promptly so as to avoid that outcome.). This prevented me from going back to sleep, and subsequently allowed me to enjoy three quarters of a homemade mocha before my crew woke up. Little moment, BIG DEAL.

Littlest pooped in the toilet. After three months of trying to get him to realize that poop goes in the toilet, hearing a tiny voice cry delightedly “I AM POOPING!!!”…. Little moment, BIG DEAL.

Rewatching the Magic School Bus friction episode for the 8,000th time and being glad to have two boy children who enjoy the show so I don’t have to come up with a clever reason for why I’d be watching it alone anyway. Little moment, BIG DEAL.

Having a peaceful five minute shower, without hearing a ton of screaming… Little moment, BIG DEAL.

An untried flavour of soup for lunch, and finding out that it’s not nearly as spicy as I thought it might be (and being secretly relieved, because as much as I say I like spice, sometimes I’m a bit of a spice wimp)… Little moment, BIG DEAL.

12 free chips on my secretly enjoyable Bingo app during my break, after using all my chips up while I was “on the toilet” after breakfast…  Little moment, BIG DEAL.

Talking to my co-workers all afternoon about pizza, and coming home to unexpected pizza because the groceries weren’t delivered yet (Thank heavens!)… Little moment, BIG DEAL.

Catching Biggest rinsing the toothpaste off his toothbrush before he started brushing his teeth, because he thought I wasn’t looking, and subsequently realizing that’s why he suddenly switched his attitude about tooth brushing… (He doesn’t like toothpaste because it’s not strawberry.) Little moment, BIG DEAL.

Getting a scalp massage from my brush while I was trying to get the knots out. (Boar bristle brushes are epic.) Little moment, BIG DEAL.

The last can of coke with the last of Appleton’s. (Perfect addition to a double header of Hotel Transylvania 1 & 2). Little moment, BIG DEAL.


I’m on the Appleton’s now, so that’s as far as we’re getting with this.

Tell you what… Why don’t you tell me a little moment that was a big deal to you today in the comments. Here, or on Facebook below the link to this post. Whichever’s easier. (I’m curious. And hoping that I’m not the only one who finds playing Bingo and toilet-bound poop to be so darn exciting.) You have my permission to be as melty as you wish, but know that I will feel much better if your moments are outrageous.

One last little moment… that satisfying feeling of hitting the pillow, when it’s just that right kind of cool…

Good night!

The Handler.



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