The Goings On

Holy Macaroni! It’s been a whole three and a half weeks since the Gnomes had an adventure! To be fair though, I had a whole lot going on. Seriously. Read on and you shall see what I mean.

Goings On #1: Littlest is Potty Trained!

This seems like it could be horrifying, but a few weeks ago, Hubby and I decided to bite the bullet and put the kid in undies. And it worked! With surprisingly few accidents. And actually, come to think of it, he didn’t have any night accidents at all. I think he was ready. We did have a few interesting moments though… Once, Biggest thoughtfully attended to wiping the bum of Littlest. There was poop and toilet paper in many places that it shouldn’t be, but they both came out beaming that they did it all by themselves. (I am truly thankful for steam mops and Method’s Anti-Bac spray. I don’t normally use anti-bacterial cleaners, but certain situations…) And there were other times where I found Littlest pooping in the dark because he’s too short to reach the light switch, and didn’t feel like getting the footstool. And that one time he insisted that his poop was a pickle. And the night where he was bored and realized that peeing and pooping could actually be an excuse to be up after bedtime. He cut it short though, because it wasn’t as fun when he had to sit on the toilet until he could get something out. It got a little boring on his end. But in the end, success!

Goings On #2: Biggest’s Party Week

Having two children each requiring a birthday party just over a month apart from each other requires a lot of effort. This year, my father-in-law planned a bowling party for Biggest. Unfortunately, several people weren’t able to come, as his birthday fell on Good Friday. As a result, he had quite a few outings during that week. Note to self: Much whining will ensue, as it is impossible to keep that much attention from going to a five-year-old’s head. I did save myself some time though, as I decided to laugh in the face of Pinterest’s idea of a five-year-old birthday cake, and went for chocolate cupcakes with dinosaur sprinkles. I think they went over just as well. His biggest (ha! pun) moment though, was picking out his pedal bike. It’s his first pedal bike, and he’s beside himself. I will say, I am not an emotional person, but there was a point where he made me hold on to the handle bars (even with the training wheels) and got settled enough to tell me to let go because he could do it… and I almost lost it. My stomach did a squeeze, and my mommy heart flashed ahead to no training wheels, sending him to his first day of school, and packing his suitcase to university. My inner me was doing the ugly sob cry, and used at least one full box of tissues in less than half a second. Good thing I have some facial control. It was rough. But I made it. And so did he, all the way around the parking lot.

Goings On #3: MS Run 2016

As some of you may be aware, last year I ran the 10K MS Run. I was the only one who ended up running it. This year, I’ve recruited a whole team to join me! Most, if not all, of our team members personally know someone with MS. It’s debilitating and there is currently no cure. I’m pretty excited to be the team leader this year. I even got an official team captain package! It was way more thrilling than I expected. It’s been keeping me pretty busy though! Which, incidentally, brings me to:

Goings On #4: Bye Bye Pole (For Now)

I have been doing pole fitness for almost a year now, but sadly, last session my studio announced that they were closing their doors. Another studio will open up soon, I’m sure, but for now, I’ve stepped away from the pole. At least until I visit my pole friend, who’s lucky enough to have a pole of her own. In the meantime, let me just say that the last move I tried was amazingly cool! Except for the part where I dropped myself onto my funny bone. It wasn’t very funny. And the other time I decided that a slow and awkward controlled decent was a good idea, but forgot to position my elbow so that it didn’t land on top of the screw holding my pole in place. That bruise lasted well over a week. And the last time I tried it, where I realized after I was headed home that if I’d twisted the opposite way, I would have had 300% more grip. Darnit! In the meantime, I’m going to take up swimming again. The boys are enrolled in swimming lessons, and the smell of the pool has me going crazy!

So as you can see, the Goings On have kept me quite busy. I apologize for the delay. I’ll keep you posted. Maybe the next update will be the Goings On of the Goings On.


The Handler.


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