A Little Less Anxious

Wow. This is unusual. And a little eerie. I’ve been up since 5:45 of my own volition. The Gnomes are still asleep. I have a coffee in hand, and a moment to write…

Things are better than the other day. I find my anxiety comes in waves. Tsunami waves perhaps, large and potentially devastating, but saved for those times when my earth is shaking. Normally I’m a balanced individual, but those changes… Not a change friendly kind of person. Heck, I even have a hard time changing grocery shopping times.

The birds are chirping. That’s beautifully peaceful.

I digress. I have been reading a book called The Organized Mind, by Daniel Levitin. It’s really extraordinary. A scientific book, it’s written with terms and explanations as a tool to help you understand how your brain works to categorize things like Facebook feeds 20x a day, and how you can assist in ordering your brain so it’s not overwhelming. It was a gift from my sister at Christmas, and I couldn’t have asked for a better one. It doesn’t help in stopping tantrums though.

Anyways, with the knowledge I gathered from there, I realized after I wrote my previous post that I needed to categorize my anxiety. I know that sounds funny, but once I categorized my anxiety, I was able to pinpoint how to fix it. So.

I handed in my Kindergarten transition forms.

I emailed a couple of places with after school care available.

I may have had a glass of wine.

I looked into school supplies.

And I got another couple of things off my more immediate list.

I went to work early and had a coffee with a friend.

I found the rest of my tax receipts which we will do Thursday.

I had lunch with my Dad #2. (That’s my father in law).

I did some fundraising for my 10K.


Actually, that reminds me… I only have 3 weeks left until my 10K! My team has grown to 7 now, and I found out that I get to run it with my sister. That’s pretty exciting!

I’m still anxious, but improvement is in the air.

And with that, my gnomes have sprouted at my elbow demanding nourishment. Have a lovely day!

The Handler.

PS: Thank you for the kind comments that were given for my last post! They meant a lot to me!


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