Insanity Level 12


Well, here I am. That’s right, I’m still alive. So is everyone else. I had a lot going on, it seems Insanity Level 12 is really appropriate. Here goes the mad dash recap!

  1. MS 10K. Rocked it. 5 runners, 2 walkers, first time as a team leader, and we all made our distance goal. Beat our team fundraising goal by $75 too! That felt pretty good
  2. My last training run before the day arrived, I beat my goal of 6min/km. I’ve been working on that for the last 2 years!
  3. Got to run with my sister for the 10K, one of my maybe-possible dreams that actually came true. We made plans to do a half marathon together next year.
  4. Biggest’s Kindergarten orientation is next week. I’m scared. He’s excited. Typical.
  5. Littlest has really come into his own lately. Yesterday, we were shopping for groceries, and I congratulated him for not whining the whole way through, and how much nicer it was that he could have his treat at the end this time. The conversation went something like this: Me: Pretty nice to get the treat, hey? Him: Yeah, it nice. Me: Much better than getting a time-out for whining too! Him: Yeah, time outs make me cry. I go BOO HOO HOO HOO (tee hee, giggle giggle) Like that! Hahahahaha. I like treat.
  6. Biggest, on the same trip, wanted to continue eating his treat. We had to get on the bus shortly, so I told him we needed to put the lids on our treat containers, because the bus would be here soon. And like the logical child that he is… he looked me in the face and said: How soon is soon, Mom? Because I think soon still leaves time to eat. I couldn’t deny it, therefore he ate more of his snack.
  7. I finally was able to finish writing enough of my pen and paper game to play with my sister and her husband this last week. I am much relieved, and it is way better than I could ever have imagined.
  8. I beat a level in my video game that I couldn’t previously get.
  9. I got a hair cut. They took 5 inches off. It’s pretty short now, but it cut my morning routine down from 20 minutes of detangling, 10 minutes of gently washing, then trying to dry it, only to fall asleep on it at night and start the process again to…. get up, wash, dry, have time to blow dry, still have time to saunter out the door. I’m in love. I didn’t just cut it to ease the knots though. With swimming instead of pole in the fall, and really getting into the running, I don’t have time to deal with it. When I’ve got less on my plate, or have taught myself better habits for looking after it, then I will regrow it. Until then, bring on the short, baby!
  10. Speaking of swimming, I’ve taken both boys to the pool a couple of times without going for lessons. The first was brutal. I’ve been busy lately and they didn’t trust me to take them somewhere safely, so it was a miserable experience all around. It was also this point that I realized Biggest gets legitimately anxious, rather than just scared. It was a totally miserable day, and I beat myself up big time for what the whole day represented. I hate being out of sync, and I’d been focusing on physical needs, rather than emotional ones. They’re big enough now to need the opposite. Things have been better since. The second time we brought Grammy and Pappy with us. Pappy took Biggest on a floatie and made boat noises for half an hour, then shocked Grammy all to heck by putting his normally-reluctant self underwater for my boys. They thought it was great, Littlest realized he could kick, and the rest, they say, is history.

And I guess that’s the happenings. I’ll try to update a little bit more frequently now that I’m done my training. And by that, I mean that I’m down to my normal amount of activity (That means Level 10 instead of Level 12! Hooray!).

Goodnight for now.

The Handler.


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