Oh Internet… I Shall Brave Thee!

First, a thoughtful thank you to all of you, my Gnome supporters.

Second, after careful consideration, as well as some help from Mr. Handler (who, you may notice, has a proper introduction now!), I have found a way to continue to blog here without having to use my Facebook. I thought you may like to know why I considered shutting my blog down, so I shall do you the honour of explaining, after which, I will detail the upcoming changes to the Gnomes.


I have been repeatedly shocked and infuriated over the last several months by the amount of judgement passed on the internet. Our world is a relatively negative place right now, but I think most of that negativity lies in cyberspace. Everyone feels safe giving opinions sitting in front of a screen, but sadly, cyberspace still has damaging effects in real life. It seems I can’t open a single article without some heated debate at the bottom of it.

Do I want to be a part of it?

If my blog gets bigger, should I change what I’m posting?

How do I keep my mind positive with all the crap I read every day?

More importantly, how do I keep the negativity out of my writing?

Do I feel comfortable adding pictures? (Something I’ve hesitated on for a long time.)

What if someone hates it and starts a war? (Ok, that part is just my brain going wonkers. Pay it no attention.)

*inner me biting nails* *other inner me getting angrier* (This is starting to look like a certain movie called “Inside Out”.)


I did some thinking, and my personal “biggest” offender for this kind of nonsense is Facebook. It should be noted that none of this is really to do with my blog, it is more of a logistics thing, because there is very little I love more than writing. This mess is also why I’ve posted less these last few months.

So, after considering my options (over the spring), I decided this morning that Facebook was no longer my thing. This runs me into a bit of a problem, though. How do I update you all without Facebook? The short answer was to do a newsletter instead. However, newsletters have their own issues, and my readership (that’s you!) would likely suffer with less up to date news. So, after messing around with things for the afternoon, I have brought you (with Mr. Handler’s thoughtful assistance), the new Gnomes.

WARNING: The NEW GNOMES will be awesomer (yes that’s a word), more posts, more pictures, more (dare I say it) opinions… So here’s the changes!


To your right, there is now an Instagram feed! (Yay, pictures!)

Mr. Handler has been introduced.

Mrs. Handler (that’s me!), Biggest, and Littlest have updated “Abouts”.

My Facebook (unfortunately), has to remain up to keep your Facebook notifications available, although I will not be on it “personally” (Thank you Google for creating a News Feed Blocking app!). Therefore, you will still receive Facebook notifications via The Gnomes Gnow’s Facebook page. If you’d like to see updates as soon as they become available, you can hover over “Like” or “Liked” on the Gnomes Facebook page and check “see first”. I will be returning comments once a week, so you can still continue to post your thoughts on The Gnomes there as well.

There is also a button to your right (underneath the Instagram feed) that allows you to follow via email, if you’re more of an email checker and less of a Facebook checker.

Lastly, you can reach me directly at gnomesgnow@outlook.com.

I thoroughly appreciate the support you’ve all shown the Gnomes, and I hope that you will continue to enjoy the Gnomes as they evolve.

Mrs. Handler.

PS: The background color might change. The Gnomes were helping me decide on a color, and after half an hour of dodging between orange, green, purple, and blue, the only way for them to be satisfied was to assure them that we could change the color.


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