Day To Day Mundanities

Mundanities is actually a real world. It has a real definition too. However, I was halfway through making up a cool definition for what I thought was an outrageously non-existent word… and I still like my definition better. So, without further ado, the fake definition of mundanities.

Mundanities – n. – a collective string of small and insignificant events that are too standard or normal to detail.

There. I got the idea while I was discussing my lack of interest in posting daily with a co-worker. Really, I have no interest in writing the same story day in and day out. For example, this is how a typical day goes for us. (And this is likely for 90% of our week.)

5am: I take my medication and go back to sleep.

6 – 7am: Biggest and/or Littlest will wake me up. They’ll start by saying they’re hungry (“I WANT A SNACK” “WHY CAN’T I HAVE A CRACKER” etc.) and after much glaring and prompting while I’m trying to surface to consciousness, I will get a “Good morning, Mummy, how was your sleep, Mummy?” followed by “I WANT A SNACK” “WHY CAN’T I HAVE A CRACKER”..

7 – 8:30am: I will have my tea or coffee, Biggest and Littlest will have a light breakfast, and play. *DAYCARE DAY* I will make lunches while the boys have their breakfast, during which I am peppered with “I don’t like that Mummy!” “Why are you putting that in there Mummy?” “Have I tried that Mummy?” (To peanut butter and jam sandwiches, which, in truth, is lunch 6/7 days a week)… And so on. We’ll get out the door with much fussing about where shoes are, and why they have to pack backpacks, and do they really need to change their socks…  Sometimes we’ll have a quick wash bath if it didn’t happen the night before. *GROCERY DAY* I try and get out the door as soon as possible for groceries, so we’re usually out and back before 9.

8:30am – 9:30am: If I’m not going to work, I will make second breakfast, which usually consists of some kind of intense starch so that I am not required to provide a snack every 30 minutes. I may read a book at this point, if I’m lucky, or I will coordinate events of the day if we have to leave the house. If it’s a run day, I’ll leave around 8:30, and switch snacktime to earlier. If I’m going to work, I still make second breakfast, which usually consists of some kind of intense starch so that Mr. Handler does not get pestered for snacks every 30 minutes. I’ll also have a shower and prepare to leave. *GROCERY DAY* We put groceries away as soon as we get back, and dishes are usually started by this point as it coordinates well with emptying the stuff that’s out of date in the fridge.

9:30am – 12:00pm: If I’m going to work, this is quiet play time while Mr. Handler engages his consciousness. If I’m not going to work, I usually let Mr. Handler sleep. I will either attempt to relax with a book, or I will do some housework. If we are going somewhere, we’re usually out before 10. Often a snack is required by 10:30am even if we’ve had a full second breakfast. If it’s a run day, I will make second breakfast around then. Any day that is not a daycare day will see cleanup time before lunch at 12.

12:00pm – 1:30pm: Generally this is where lunchtime happens. When exactly depends on the events of the morning, and how many time outs we’ve had for fighting over a car when we should have been cleaning.

1:30pm – 3:30pm: If nap time is going to happen, this is it. This is my time to nap, or Mr.Handler and I’s time to watch Star Trek or some other nerdy show, or play a game. Often we’ll do the laundry and the dishes together during this time if we’re both home, or catch up on extra chores.

3:30pm – 5:00pm: The boys will wake up/emerge from quiet play, and we’ll put on some Planet Earth or play a game. The boys will fold their laundry if there is any, and do any household chores that have been given that day. Mr. Handler and I will start supper.

5:00pm – 6:30pm: Clean up time, dinner time, and potentially bath time all happens now. If Mr. Handler’s cooking, I clean up after dinner, we’ll switch the next day.

6:30pm – 7:30pm: The end of bathtime, stories, or quiet reading, everyone’s in bed by this point, and most of the dishes and supper mess will be clean.

7:30pm – 8:30pm: After fielding a multitude of requests for some form of bathroom time, hugs, water, etc… Mr. Handler and I are done.

8:30pm – ?: Watch a show, read a book, play a game, drool on a couch cushion… it’s finally the time to be alone and adult. Both Mr. Handler and I find regular yoga to be quite helpful, which happens at 10 if it’s going to. If it’s past 10, it just won’t, since we’re usually zombies by then. On daycare days, I usually don’t stay up much later, as wrangling children out the door in the morning demands more attention than a 5 hour sleep can give.

Once you’ve read it once, you’ve read it a million times. Now, if, on the other hand….

You had a day like yesterday… Where I was trying to start daycare lunches…

And found Littlest sitting knee deep in the baking cupboard, taking each container out and smelling it before putting it back… that would be notable. Especially because he didn’t realize I was watching, and proceeded to do it with his blankie next to him for over 15 minutes. I had to intervene then, because the baking powder demanded more inspection than a sniff, and his hand was halfway in the jar before I could stop him. Also, my kitchen started to smell like mint, so I’m pretty sure at some point, my mint extract was verified by pouring half of it out. Either way, it was hilarious, and a happy reminder of how curious children can be about the simplest things. Sure wish I could be entertained by a baking cupboard. Definitely worth mentioning.

Or if you had a day like today… where I managed to do some ghastly sprints before work this morning after waking up at a bleary eyed 6am without being able to fall back to sleep even though both children were still sleeping… and another run after work with my father-in-law that was only 30sec off my PR pace… That might also be worth mentioning.

Another worthy mention: Nose Kisses. Technically just rubbing noses, it makes both my children giggle. The best part is when Biggest grins at me afterwards and says “That’s part of love Mummy!” (Admittedly, he also says the same for things like an extra marshmallow or special cereal, and he’s not really wrong.)


So there you have it, day to day mundanities, and some things that aren’t mundanities too.

Now if you’ll excuse me, this has taken up some of the time I would normally be drooling in a couch cushion, so I should uh… get to that. Yeah.

Mrs. Handler.


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