Multitudes of Miniscule Musings.

I am coming to you live from the middle of the night. My kitchen has marmalade from one end to the other, and the last batch is burbling away in the canner. Since I’m trying to maintain consciousness long enough for it to finish, I figured I’d post an update. Well actually, a whole bunch of mini updates.

I am coming to the end of a two week vacation, as some of you may know. Biggest started his first class today, and he enjoyed himself thoroughly. I didn’t have any tearjerker moments, however, I will say that I almost had a panic attack at the sight of only half the kids in his class, so I completely commend him for hardly blinking an eye. It could be because I never attended kindergarten, but regardless, I have faith that he doesn’t know how terrifying 12 children in the same room looks.

Speaking of Biggest, he’s getting really big! We shopped for shoes last week, and he’s grown three sizes this summer! He’s only 5 and he’s wearing size 13K shoes. I shudder to think of the sizes I’ll have to buy his grade 12 year.

We went camping over the weekend, and it was an intriguing experience. We had only driven for about 10 minutes before Pappy S’s camper van blew the carburetor. But, being the intrepid adventurers that we are.. (I’ll admit, a good chunk of that was trying to save face after psyching up the kids for a month… I did not want to deal with the level of disappointment returning home would have caused… for me. Nevermind the children.) We chose to camp in Pappy S’s back yard. Just enough out of town that there was grass and mud and a pond and such, and it was lovely. Even better that we didn’t go as far as we were planning, because my parents hadn’t camped in so long, they left half their stuff behind. And we… were completely adrift. No pots. No cups. No place to wash dishes (although I did bring soap!). It was a hilarious weekend. But we did get to make a little fire. And we did eat banana boats. And we did roast weinies on sticks. So all in all, it went wonderfully! Even with the deluge the second night. Thank heavens our tents didn’t leak. Also, I went fishing. I didn’t catch a thing, but I got pretty good at chucking the lure out. And… Littlest did a header out of the camper van (worked fine for sleeping, even if it couldn’t take us far.) so he now has scratches all over his nose. Poor kid.

This morning, Littlest was on the toilet, and I was in the shower. Littlest was chattering away, and I was drying off… and wouldn’t you know it, he asked why I had elbows. But… he clarified. And said he was actually referring to my tummy elbows. I can only assume he meant my boobs.

And with that, I shall leave you, and rescue the last of my burbling marmalade. Blackberry and grapefruit.

Mrs. Handler.


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