Nerdy Mom Can Has Jelly Beans?

So… Kindergarten…




Kindergarten! Is exhausting! Never mind how exhausted the child is… The POOR MOTHERS OF KINDERGARTEN CHILDREN!! So many lunches. So many boot-wrestling sessions. So many do-I-have-to-brush-my-teeth sessions. So many breakfasts being refused with resulting inward panic about them being starving before snack and subsequently being unable to learn to his fullest potential because his mushy Shreddies were unappetising at 6:15 in the morning.


We have been in Kindergarten mode for the last week and a half. The first week didn’t count because it was gradual entry, which meant that it was like a playdate with free babysitting. Now though. Is a different story. On top of being exhausted and worrying about things like healthy snacks and whether waiting inside instead of outside makes me the helicopter mom and whether waiting outside makes me the awkward mother that’s socially inept and therefore by default uncaring towards her budding young mind’s transition into the big angry world that is life beyond legos… I have the added understanding that my approach to hauling little people out the door to school may in fact set the tone for how that little person is going to view school in the future. So!

I have become the NERDY MOM! YES! I have reached my calling. We have in the works…. a store borrowed from one of my favorite online games, in which my children will have the opportunity to earn random loot and tokens towards upgrading their adventuring gear. By that I mean there’s a big giant tow truck about to be on display for the child who is able to save up such dropped tokens. Tow trucks have adventures too, you know! Furthermore, getting to school is a 3-person group quest, and if the 3-person party in question fails to escape the dungeon before 8:00am… the event fails, and loot just doesn’t drop. In my case I really hope it doesn’t fail, because the leader of the party gets jelly beans instead of tokens, and I for one am going to be disappointed if my jelly beans don’t show up in the chest at the end of the quest.

Yup. Nerdy mom indeed. Either that, or a week and a half has broken the fragile link between sane and insane, and I’ve lost my marbles. Oh well, jelly beans can be had either way. Who’s to split hairs between insane and sane when one can have jelly beans?


The Handler.


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