Life Is A Dance – Calm Heart Solo

So, if you’ve been reading lately, my life has gotten busier. Much, much busier. And so, I have pondered how to survive the challenge of a seemingly insurmountable schedule while still retaining my sanity. I give you: The Calm Heart Solo.

My first question to myself: How do I steady my heart? I find myself regularly taken with others’ emotions and feelings and situations and it’s incredibly difficult for me to separate myself from them. The solution is a calm heart. It should be noted that I think there’s a difference between a calm heart and a soft heart. A soft heart, while malleable, is unable to retain shape and balance. It is constantly imprinted on and is subject to the chaos that can be (and often is) our lives. A calm heart is still malleable, but is capable of maintaining steadiness and balance, as it relies on deep peace to keep shape and stay grounded.

My second question to myself: How do I maintain deep peace? Aside from the anti anxiety measures that I regularly use to my advantage, my thinking pattern has to be that of deep peace. Initially, I visualised a chair. I allowed myself to disconnect for a moment to view the situation as it was. Eventually, as it got easier to visualise the chair, I started using that visual cue to apply it further. The eventual solution to maintaining deep peace (not finding it, but maintaining it) ended up being as simple as viewing it as a ballet. A ballet has parts. It has music (life). It has a choreographer (I chose my Choreographer, but the choreographer can be quantified as what or who you view to be responsible for your life’s direction). And it has an audience. Life tends to go many places. It can be soft, it can be tumultuous, it can reach a crescendo, similar to music. The dancer is the calm heart. Dancers have solid, steady feat, but can easily move to music, including sudden changes in tempo. It isn’t easy, but they are graceful in allowing themselves to be moved by the music. Most importantly, the best dancers don’t fight the music. They let it flow. The best dancers also trust and work with their choreographer(s). Choreographers can see where the music should take the dancer. The choreographer knows where the steps will get more intricate, and where they will become more delicate, and the dancer will trust that the dance will continue to flow. The audience becomes everyone else, including backup dancers. Some people in life will dance with you. Some will not. The dancer doesn’t fret about who isn’t dancing or who is. They continue to listen to the music, and move. It is not up to the dancer who else is cast in the ballet. The dancer is responsible for listening to the music and moving to it. So too must the calm heart. It must allow for life to flow. It must allow for changes in tempo, and must be flexible enough to move appropriately. It must also be confident enough to handle the changes, and to trust that the direction the music is going is intended as part of the dance. It must allow for people and situations and schedules and kids to come and go without worrying about their place in the scheme of things. This is not to say that the calm heart does not care, just that it doesn’t dwell.

The Calm Heart Solo. While my schedule increases in tempo, I feel like my mind is a little bit less anxious, and my heart is a little less frantic. And I have stayed up too late, but that’s ok. The morning will be the morning as it is meant to be. Graceful in chaos.

Good night.

The Handler.



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