Gnome Newzzzzz…zzz…zzzz….zzzzz….

I gotta tell you… I was hoping to have several posts written this month but quite frankly… I’m regularly face planting my keyboard. It would be better for you not to know what time that may be, but suffice it to say that I push myself to make it to a normal person bedtime.

In Biggest News: He had his first Christmas concert this month!!! It was really lovely. He sang two french songs with his class, and participated beautifully! I found out earlier in December that they switched the curriculum for our area for the first time in 50 years, and I’m happy to say that they included problem-solving, critical thinking, and co-operation into the new one. Who knew? Job skills made it into regular school programming! This is actually a great explanation for Biggest’s sudden interest in “filling my bucket”, as they say at school. Filling buckets is one of the easiest ways I’ve found to effectively communicate when something’s not working properly (emptying a bucket) and when we’re doing something and an action is more helpful or extra special (filling a bucket). I mean… it doesn’t get rid of meltdowns due to a lack of fast food for dinner, and it doesn’t help when we didn’t put our boots on properly and have to get to school anyway buuut…. I’m impressed nonetheless. Nothing melts my heart more than snuggles and “did that fill your bucket Mommy?”… except maybe a big hug with “You’re the BEST Mommy!”.


In Littlest News: Littlest hates mud and he hates snow. I don’t know if ย he’ll outgrow it or not, but currently I get murderous screams (now that the snow has gotten crunchier), and previously a seriously large amount of whining upon seeing anything resembling brown sludge. I’m a little surprised, because both are amazing. Also, a little humorous also, puddles are ok, and so is sledding. Just not snow. And definitely not mud. Another random discovery: Littlest washes his blankets in his “dishwasher” (IE: cupboard). For the last two days, he’s gotten me to bring him his blanket at night, and when I go to look for it, he tells me he washed it. I have now gotten used to fishing it out of the “dishwasher”. Yesterday I did tea party lunch, and Littlest looks at me (after I said, is this awesome or what??) and says “You’re a SWEET MOMMY!”. Darn straight kid, darn straight. Who else would do goldfish crackers and oolong for lunch? That’s right, this momma right here. Keeping in mind, of course, that every momma is a sweet momma in their own right. But I’m gonna have my super cool tea-party-lunch-making-goldfish-cracker-feeding moment. Just for a second.


OK done. We did, sadly, have to put away our loot this month until we were a little more cooperative in getting out the door. Both of my gnomies were highly unimpressed that they had to wait until January to start working towards loot again, but they are getting much, much, much better at mornings. I am optimistic that the loot-friendly Commander Mommy will be back soon. I personally, am looking forward to not having to do the dragging for Christmas break. Sure, at some point I may wonder how soon winter break will be over, but right now, I am going to appreciate it as much as they will.


And with that, I am literally peering at my keys trying to find the r button, so I will bid you adieu for the moment.


Mrs. Handler.


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