Well, I have lost the fight.


The I-DON’T-WANNA-PUT-MY-ADULTY-PANTS-ON fight. It’s for the better of course, but (as my mother will tell you if you ask her about the pink pants incident when I was 8), I couldn’t get rid of the kid pants entirely.

What on earth could make me put my adulty pants on? Well. Two things, actually.

The biggest of things is that this is the YEAR. The year that I run my first half marathon. My sister and I are running two in the fall and it’s going to take some serious wringing to find time in my life for training. Seems like a decent enough reason to put adulty pants on to me. In putting my adulty pants on, I have successfully squeezed 4 runs in a week, with the help of my mom calendar. And the delight of my husband for my use of said calendar. (He’s purchased one two years in a row in anticipation of helping me organize the chaos that resembles my life, and he’s super delighted that I have made use of it finally. Thanks Mr. Handler!) Sadly, putting the adulty pants on means that my social life has taken a massive hit, as has my video game playing. But! The kid pants wrangled the adulty pants off for one night, that being Friday night since even adults need a rebel night. So. Friday nights are no-bedtime nights. Every other night I’m in bed at ten. (I lie, really, at least one night this week was 9:30. Yikes!) Back to the adulty pants. I took the opportunity to retrain my housework habits to rely less on a day off and more on a meager hour in the evening to make lunches and do dishes. Surprisingly, the adulty pants AND the kid pants are content, as now that I’m doing half the dishes instead of Mr. Handler doing most of them.. WE UNEARTHED THE COUNTER YESTERDAY!!!! The adulty pants AND the kid pants are even more content with the surprising, yet utterly satisfying Gnome deposit in the morning. Because of the counter and the lunches and maybe the earlier bedtime, the Gnomes have been deposited EARLY ALL WEEK. Who knew? Adulty pants have USEFULNESS. (I know, I’m shocked too. I just thought they were overdoing the marketing on those.) As if that wasn’t enough, the Gnomes put on their big kid pants and helped me with their backpacks and lunches all week too. It’s almost… easier. (Again, if you need a moment to deal with your shock, I understand. I really did think those adulty pant commercials were over the top.)


The smaller, less noticeable side effect of adulty pants (albeit a decent reason anyway) is that they come in MY SIZE. Do you know how hard it is to find pants that fit? Especially adulty pants. I was skeptical, but alas, they fit like a glove. Who knew?


And with that, I’d like to reassure you that having put my adulty pants on, I actually have the time (I think?) to update a little more than once a month, since the chaos level has gone from 1 bazillion down to about 12. It’s a pretty significant improvement, if I do say so myself. Also. Loot still happens. You can’t take ALL the kid out, it’s bad for your health.



The Handler.


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