Solo Ab Flies Again (And other stories.)

It is once again a much-later-than-intended update. I’ve been planning to write one for at least the last three weeks. On the plus side, with my life as busy as it seems to stay, I have a gazillion and one stories for the telling.

Littlest has become quite the personality. Today he picked an entire bouquet of dandelions, and promptly called them “people flowers”. He picked enough to name each one after a family member. It turns out that we have a lot of family. (It should be noted that I suspect that he figured out a way to pick as many as he could by naming them after people he could give them to.) He also gave one to a random stranger, who seemed delighted with the slightly hand-squashed partially ragged dandelion that was offered. (Thank heavens or that would have been a tough explanation on my part!) He’s also discovered the world of bugs. We switched our daycare drop off time to a less horrifying hour, so now he and I have a full half an hour to pick up 48 wood bugs and rescue 69 worms instead of racing for the bus. He’s fearless. On another end, I was waiting to pick up Biggest a week and a half ago, and Littlest loudly (and cheekily) asked me why I didn’t have a penis. The waiting area was FULL.

With that subject on the go, Biggest’s school started sex ed this month. It’s actually better than I expected. Part of me was dreading what he’d come home from school talking about. But they did take into consideration that it was 5 year olds they were talking to. One parent mentioned that their child had been taught how to refrain from giggling at words so they now say “That’s VERY interesting. *smirk*”. Biggest couldn’t remember the girl parts. His description was that girls had a button, and some kind of dinosaur thing (my eyes watered by this point..) and he figured it was a flavosaurus. Mr. Handler (after I excused myself to the kitchen) explained what the actual name was but I told him later that I preferred his idea. He’s done amazingly well with his fish (Moose) and is growing into a responsible little person. Sometimes I have to blink and go “Wow… how did this happen??”.

To which, I also have to go “Wow, how did this happen??” as Mr. Handler and I just celebrated our 8th anniversary. Our 10th “Meet-i-versary” will be in October. Life flies sometimes!

Speaking of flying… my first 10k of the running season was last Sunday. I am happy to say that both my sister and I tore 8 whole minutes off last year’s PR (personal record)… finishing at 1:00:30 (myself) and 1:00:29 (my sister). We actually were faster than that, however, due to a long set of circumstances, I pulled my ab at 7k. I have been terribly inefficient at core strength workouts, so basically I have a solo ab. Just one. A singlet if you will. Between my computer setup and running with a water bottle in my hand, I don’t really have an even set. Twasn’t noticeable until I pulled it but I have since procured some more balanced watering equipment. Should do the trick. Next up is the MS 10k! My sister and I have adjusted our training schedule a bit but our little running crew has acquired accommodations for our half in September. I’m so excited!

Well, it’s time for me to carry on. I planted my flowers and things today (finally!) since the weather’s been too awful, and I’m now behind on the dishes. Toodles for now!

Mrs. Handler.


PS: If you use Instagram, here’s a not-so-subtle plug for @gnomehandler. Pictures are worth at least 1000 words.


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