Holy cow people, I made it through Kindergarten. Can you believe it?? I mean, I realise that technically Biggest made it through Kindergarten (yay Biggest!) but… I feel a bit like I graduated too. I should also note that it is surreal to have a child going in to Grade 1. How do these things happen anyway??? Wasn’t he just sleeping on my chest yesterday??? I digress. Without further ado, FIVE things I learned in kindergarten. (see below)

#1: Kindergarten teachers are the real life version of Guardians of the Galaxy. If not for our two fabulous Madames, I have NO idea how I would have lived through the first month of drop offs, never mind the rest of them. There was a point in that first month where I had to peel Biggest off my leg and walk away. Not going to lie, I went and drowned my sorrows in extra whipped cream on my mocha after that one. Now, of course, Biggest barely bats an eye when he marches in to class. Really, my gratitude knows no bounds. It takes a special person to deal with kids after they get peeled off legs and still come out living at the end of the day.

#2: Being prepared ahead of time is how sanity is maintained. I didn’t get this part until the beginning of June, so I’m not actually sure how sane I still am. However, as of now, lunches for anything are made the night before. Let’s face it, wrangling tired Gnomes is so much easier when all you have to do is get dressed and eat breakfast, as opposed to making lunches, getting dressed, eating breakfast, cleaning lunch bags, packing backpacks, washing water bottles, and remembering to sign the form that came home two days ago.

#3: Trying to buy supplies for more than one year doesn’t work. I thought I was being smart by buying a bigger backpack that wasn’t a fox. Same with almost everything else. I was wrong. The backpack was bigger when it was full than I expected. It didn’t sit as well as I expected. It’s ripped and torn, so it didn’t last any longer than a smaller one would have. So, basically the only thing it did was net me several extra requests to adjust and/or carry it. And I still have to buy another one next year. The one investment that did actually work out was a really high quality lunch bag that still doesn’t look worn on the outside.

#4: 10 minutes doesn’t ruin a morning. Getting out the door was my least favourite part of this whole year. We had very little issues the rest of the morning, but once we got to putting shoes on, I was pulling my hair out every time. (see figure 1) I did have better luck with loot, but sometimes… shoes still didn’t go on nicely. However, my sister called me once on my way to school (after I’d wrangled, pushed, shoved and hog-tied my way out the door AGAIN), and after I’d explained my irritation with the morning… she observed that it was only 10 minutes of my morning. Admittedly it felt a lot more like 1000 years, but she was right. It was only ten minutes. Since then, I’ve still had to wrangle, push, shove and hog-tie, but once we get out the door… we’re all pretty settled.

Figure 1.

Kindergarten drop off

#5: At the end of the day… We’re still alive! It’s been pretty crazy, as you can tell from my non-existent posting schedule. But, despite all the insanity (training runs, pick ups, drop offs, appointments, lunches, regular household maintenance, and hog-tying)… We are still alive at the end of the day. Even if we are lacking brain waves by the end of it. (see figure 2)

Figure 2.

end of the day

Farewell! (Au Revoir)

Mrs. Handler


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