A Letter from the Handler.

Hi Everyone!

First, if this is your first time visiting, thanks for coming by! Feel free to look around.

Originally, I created this blog for two of my favoritest aunties to keep up with all the happenings. There’s a lot of happenings with two children, in case you didn’t know. Since then, it’s expanded a bit. See, when I was pregnant with Biggest, I wanted to find someone’s journey to gain insight on a real-life parenting scene. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t find anything outside of psychologist and expert opinions (they’ve screwed me up with something I like to call Maternal Googleitis). Let me tell you, they are not the same thing as real experiences. Obviously, each family is different, and their path will be too. I think, though, that it’s often helpful to read about someone else’s struggles and successes. You might just gather something useful that will help you on your own road. After I had written for a little while, I realized that’s exactly what this blog is turning into.

In that thread, if you continue to read along, you’ll probably encounter some pull-your-hair-out posts, some can’t-believe-that-actually-happened posts, a little bit of philosophy, some conjecture, some musings, and hopefully laughs as well. (My apologies if the pull-your-hair-out ones clump together, those days tend to prefer extended visits rather than a quick cup of coffee.)

The only thing left is to tell you about The Gnomes. The Gnomies, as they’re affectionately referred to, are something of a novelty adorning what is currently my mother’s guest and sewing room. We enjoyed a two year stay with my parents while my husband and I got back on our feet (schooling finances are a doozy!), and my sister thought up the idea of Gnomie murals for the boys. Littlest’s was a forest scene (mushrooms, gnome houses, logs, even a hang-gliding gnome) and Biggest’s was an underground scene with a mine (she made it glow-in-the-dark! I swear I wasn’t that… um… jealous.). She also painted a hole in the wall so their gnomes could “visit”. During one of her stays, we came up with the story behind how gnomes come about. That is to say, Sis thought it would be awesome if gnomes were the result of tree thoughts. That explained the beards they tend to sport, since tree thoughts would obviously take a long time to think. It also explained the variety of gnomes: tiny pocket gnomes were quick thoughts, digging gnomes were deep thoughts, and foresty types were the result of lofty thoughts. Clearly, it fit rather well. Outlandish as it is, I love it. So much so that I named my blog after it; my thoughts don’t result in gnomes, but they do take some time to think.

I hope you enjoy what The Gnomes Gnow has become, and I hope that it inspires you, or at the very least makes you chuckle.

The Handler.


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