About Biggest


Hi! I’m Biggest!

  • I’m 5.
  • I love cars and Lego.
  • I like pineapple tea. Mommy brings it to me in an orange bag!
  • I like orange, green, and purple
  • I like my little brother a tiny bit. Well, maybe a bit more than a tiny bit.
  • I’m going into French Immersion Kindergarten in the fall!
  • I enjoy getting ready for daycare now, especially since Mommy made it a race, and we get to play choo choo down the stairs.
  • I really like my daycare.
  • I like to play by myself.
  • I love being out in the woods with Mommy. Mud puddles are the best!
  • I like Paw Patrol.
  • I like being almost tickled, but if you catch me in the chase, I don’t like it anymore.
  • I love fall-over hugs. (Mommy gives those to us at bedtime sometimes.)
  • I love swimming.
  • I like reading. My favorite book is the Berenstain Bears.



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