About Littlest


Hi! I’m Littlest!

  • I like cars.
  • I don’t like playing by myself.
  • I like playing with my food more than I like eating it.
  • I like ketchup and orange peppers.
  • I don’t love that food is colored. That’s just weird to me. Also.. shapes! Yuck!
  • I’m 23 months and 4 days younger than Biggest.
  • I like to sing.
  • I like being tickled.
  • I hate being in the woods. Unless Mommy is holding me. In which case, that’s ok.
  • I don’t like walking at all.
  • I love the bus.
  • I don’t like swimming.
  • I love Paw Patrol.
  • I like daycare.
  • I like fall-over hugs, the kind Mommy gives us at bedtime sometimes.
  • I like reading.



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