About Mrs. Handler

Hi! I’m the Mommy! (AKA Mrs. Handler)

  •  I like blue. – Updated October 2015 – I am including pink and purple and coral to this list, as the more male my house gets, the more I require something feminine.
  •  I haven’t met a vegetable I didn’t like. At least, until I decided to be ultra healthy and make ice cubes out of leftover broccoli water. Not really a fan anymore… – Updated October 2015 – I am going to include cooked spinach to the list of non-likeable vegetables. Just can’t do it.
  •  I am not a morning person. Updated June 2016 – Nope. Still not a morning person. I do get up before 7 every morning now though.
  •  I survive on espresso. Not coffee. Espresso. I own a stovetop italian espresso maker, and while it’s supposed to make three tiny cups of espresso, I skip the three part, throw it all in a mug with some cream, and chug that puppy down.
  •  I love trying to make my baking healthier by sneaking extra goodness in. I experiment all the time, and most times (except for the broccoli cubes), it turns out pretty good.
  •  I have a sleep disorder called Idiopathic Hypersomnia. The long and short of it is that basically my brain is super sensitive to sleep chemicals, and therefore it’s next to impossible to wake up. Nothing makes the I-just-came-out-of-anesthesia feeling go away. Except for whatever medication they put me on. Either way, I survive through sheer grit and determination (ha!) and the aforementioned espresso. By sheer grit and determination, I mean Biggest poking me in the face most of the morning, and Littlest screaming at me whenever Biggest stops. Updated June 2016 – I’m adding Pu’Er and Yerba Mate to this list of liquid determinations.
  •  I play many nerdy video games, including Halo, Civilization V, and Command & Conquer. – Updated October 2015 – I am adding Plants Vs. Zombies as well as Poker and Chess to this list. Updated June 2016 – I am adding Guild Wars 2 to this list.
  •  I watch many nerdy TV shows. Stargate SG-1 and Star Trek: The Next Generation are two of my top favorites, as well as the anime series Naruto and Bleach (and most recently, Farscape). Updated October 2015 – I am including Scooby Doo on this list. Updated December 2015 – Doctor Who as well. So. Awesome. Updated June 2016 – Legend of Korra and all things Marvel.
  •  I have a terrible habit of worrying about everything, and over-thinking whatever I’m not worrying about. Updated June 2016 – With running, this has lessened! Progress!
  •  I will have a teenager by the time I’m 35.
  •  I have a twin sister. I’m very proud of her, she’s an amazing artist, and the reason for the Gnomes. She and I were the type of identical twins that only happen once in 700,000ish, and I’m supremely pleased to have survived the odds with her.
  •  I am a hermit.
  •  Being content scares me a little. I like being content, but as soon as I realize that something’s been the same for a while, I tend to switch it up. That also means that you should thoroughly check the blog out every so often just to make sure I didn’t move something on you. Updated June 2016 – I am learning to be content. It’s not as bad as I thought.
  •  Despite admitting that being content scares me a weeny bit, I prefer to think of it as embracing the possibilities. Although, try telling that to my husband, he comes home to find the coffee table somewhere new more times than I care to admit.
  •  I procrastinate cleaning a lot, but only because I’m a perfectionist, and sadly, the logic ends up being that unless I have the energy to clean the whole shebang, I don’t start. The good news is, I’ve had more energy lately, so most chores are getting tended to on a regular basis. – Updated October 2015 – With all of the focus I’ve had to use for running, I’m getting better at this. I use that kind of focus to allow myself to relax if it’s not all done at once. Updated June 2016 – I made a list! The list has allowed me to get much better at this. Thanks Mr. Handler!
  •  I have a secret obsession with bubbles. Which is why dishes amuse me.
  •  I have finally gotten my butt in gear, and have a plan of attack for that marathon I’ve been meaning to run. (Don’t ask me why I chose running as my relaxing pastime… I technically run my bum off as it is.) Updated October 2015 – Still running, I’m only at about 12k, but my mom is now along for the ride, so I started back a ways so she could stay with me. It’s a pretty good feeling! Updated June 2016 – I broke my goal speed! 5:58min/km (6min/km was my goal!) and my sister is running 10K with me as well! We just finished the MS10K this year and she ran the whole way with me, a dream come true!
  •  I just started a job after two years of being happily SAHM (Stay At Home Mommy), and while I love the job, it’s kind of odd not being with my babies. Even odder though, I find that I’m more capable of being a patient and attentive Mommy when I’ve had that time away. – Updated October 2015 – This job has given me a lot of confidence as a person. I feel a lot stronger with it as part of my week.
  •  I love Yerba Mate. It keeps me going during the day without the caffeine crash I get after my first coffee of the day
  •  I have a love affair with tea. I’m down quite a bit on my coffee intake, which I never really thought would happen. I do still use that espresso maker though.
  •  I have an addiction to whipped cream.
  •  I have another addiction to pole fitness. Who knew that poles could be used so elegantly. Updated June 2016 – Sadly, with my original pole studio closing, I have put pole fitness on the back burner. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it still!
  •  My current move that I’m most proud of is “Fang Down”, which is where you use only your knees and crossed ankles to flip yourself upside down. “Look ma! No hands!”. I almost dropped myself on my head the first time I got it, I was so excited. Updated January 2016 – Allegro is my new proud moment.

If I think of anything else pertinent, I’ll add it!

So.. Um.. Tada!




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