About Mr. Handler.

Hi! I’m Mr. Handler. (The Daddy!)

  • I’m in school for Accounting right now.
  • I love playing video games with my wife.
  • I like playing video games alone too.
  • I like watching random TV shows.
  • I do everything I can to make life easier for Mrs. Handler, including splitting the housework.
  • I like keeping up with new technological advances.
  • I make a mean Eggs Benny.
  • I prefer simple food to the crazy food my wife enjoys.
  • I get pretty lonely without Mrs. Handler.
  • I believe in consistency with disciplinary tactics.
  • My boys know where they stand with me, and I’m proud of that.
  • I like to laugh.
  • I don’t like tomatoes. Littlest gets that from me.
  • I’m a deep thinker.
  • I like to spend time with my family, it’s my driving force for the things I do.
  • I cannot stand coffee or tea and have no idea how my wife can swallow the stuff.
  • I can make tea and coffee though, Mrs. Handler appreciates that.
  • My favorite foods are breakfast foods and pizza. And bacon. Bacon is delicious.
  • Other than my beautiful wife and children, my only (self-admitted) claim to fame is running myself over with my own car while driving it. Yes you read that right.
  • I’m pretty clumsy, and have also fallen up the stairs while going down the stairs. I don’t know how any of this happens, it just does, and I have witnesses!
  • I like doing yoga, it has helped me with weight loss (100lbs in two years!) and has helped with various back and shoulder issues. Highly recommend it!